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Health & Wellness: It’s a Spring Thing!

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Do the warming weather, longer days, and the imminent arrival of spring inspire thoughts of your own personal rejuvenation? Spring into action safely and in good health with the help of Westchester’s health and wellness experts.

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A smile makeover addresses gaps between teeth and more: Advanced Dentistry of Westchester

When I see myself on Zoom, I notice that my teeth have become worn and old-looking. How can I bring back my youthful smile?

Zoom get-togethers can make you feel self-conscious about every imperfection. If you are concerned about worn and discolored teeth, gaps, and chipped teeth, a smile makeover not only addresses all of these issues but can make you look 15 years younger. Using a range of techniques from bleaching to porcelain veneers, we create beautiful and natural-looking smiles. Before any work is done, a photograph is taken and revised to reveal how your new smile will look. Once you love the look of trial veneers, the porcelain veneers are created, and you leave with the smile you’ve always wanted. We also share our approach to esthetics with other dentists through the classes we teach and our articles and chapters on cosmetic dentistry.

Kenneth Magid, DDS
Advanced Dentistry of Westchester
163 Halstead Ave

 It’s never too soon to get a summer body: Dream Sculpt Body Spa 

What approach do you recommend to help tone muscles and reduce fat?

Do you want to get your body in shape? Can’t afford the time or aren’t motivated to spend hours in the gym? Don’t want to resort to invasive painful surgery? We have the answer for you! We have all of the state-of-the-art BTL equipment. Using High Frequency

Electromagnetic energy and Radio Frequency, we will target specific body parts from Face to Base. We can help you on the way to less fat and more muscle tone. Check out our website and make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our specialists.

Dream Sculpt Body Spa
175 Memorial Highway Suite 2-4
New Rochelle

Jumpstarting weight loss: The Khader Center

What are several easy weight loss suggestions?

There are several steps you can take that are effective:

  • Drink 2 to 3 cups of organic green tea daily to help burn fat.
  • Always exercise prior to eating to help burn fat; exercise daily.
  • Consider doing mudpacks for weight loss. Mudpacks are unique to the Khader Center and help remove blockages and toxins from your body, which facilitates weight loss. Find more information on DinaKhader.com.
  • Eat dinner before 7:00 pm to help with easier food digestion before bedtime.
  • Limit drinking water or anything else with meals. Too much water dilutes our hydrochloric acid and slows down our digestion.
  • Limit alcohol to one glass per week or avoid alcohol completely.

Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN, MIfHI
The Khader Center
4 Smith Ave
Mount Kisco

Prepare for a summer body in spring: Michael Perrotti Fitness

How can you maintain your beach body with a budding social calendar?

Summer bodies are made in the spring. Summer is not the time to try to get in shape. With an increase in social events, the goal should be to maintain the progress you made earlier in the year. There are five key factors to focus on that will help you stay in shape. First, you must track your overall calorie intake — second, focus on getting enough high-quality protein each day. Third, weight train three days a week. Fourth, get high-quality sleep. Fifth, strategically plan cheat meals each week so you can enjoy all the events summer has to offer.

Michael Perrotti
Michael Perrotti Fitness

Focusing on Neurosurgery: Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery Specialist

Neurosurgery is an expansive field of medicine. What do you focus on in your practice and why?  

Neurosurgery training taught me to manage disorders of the brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system. My sub-specialty training was on minimally invasive approaches to remove tumors in the nervous system. Over the subsequent decade as the primary surgeon for my patients, I have learned to work with each patient to understand the situation and come up with a clear plan to address it. I was drawn to neurosurgery because of the particular challenges to be an excellent surgeon, and also understanding what matters to each individual. Whether treating chronic back pain or a brain tumor, an individualized approach is required. While doing thousands of surgeries has trained me to be technically excellent, I need to approach my next patient with a totally fresh and new perspective.  

What is your connection to Westchester? What do you love about practicing here?  

It’s home. My parents moved here in the 1960s and they’re still here. When I grew up if someone was really sick, there wasn’t much choice but to go to New York City. So much has changed since then, and it feels great to provide local, high-quality healthcare to Westchester residents. It’s important to me to maintain a level of personal attention and community focuses in my practice.  

Why ONS?  

When I was Chief of Neurosurgery at New York-Presbyterian Westchester and on staff at Stamford Hospital, I had the chance to work with the doctors at ONS and developed tremendous respect for them. Now that I have joined ONS, I have partners I can trust who live and work here. Everything at ONS is set up to optimize the patient experience. The doctors and staff are talented and dedicated, and that’s what I would want for me and my family. It’s a privilege to be part of this team. 

Marc Otten, MD, Neurosurgeon
Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery Specialists (ONS)
500 Mamaroneck Ave
Locations also in Danbury, Greenwich, Stamford, and Wilton, CT

Springing (healthily) forward: White Plains Hospital

I’ve seen a lot of “hydration challenges” on social media. How much water do I really need to drink to stay healthy?

Our bodies are roughly 60% water, and the average healthy man needs about 3.7 liters of fluid per day, and the average healthy woman 2.7 liters. We get the fluid we need from a variety of sources. Water, mostly, but fruits, vegetables, soups, tea, and coffee all provide fluids that keep us hydrated. In extreme cases, drinking too much water can lead to a dangerous condition known as hyponatremia, in which the sodium levels in the bloodstream drop below normal. For the average healthy person, drinking eight glasses of water a day, plus a diet high in fruits and vegetables is a great rule of thumb. Renu Muttana is a nephrologist at White Plains Hospital Physician Associates. For an appointment, call 914.235.8224.

After working at a computer all day, my energy feels low. Any tips?

Too much sitting and screen-staring is actually counterproductive. After a while, you may find your eyesight blurred and your mind depleted, which means your body needs to move. The consensus is that for every 60 minutes of work, you should get up for about 10 to 15 minutes to “reboot” your focus. Even small bursts of activity can promote better sleep at night, which enhances your mood in the morning. Walk down the hall to speak with a colleague instead of sending an email, or set a calendar reminder or timer on your phone to get up and move regularly. Dr. Matthew Zeppieri is a family medicine physician at White Plains Hospital Physician Associates of New Rochelle. For an appointment, call 914.235.8224.

I’m motivated to work out, but I have a busy schedule. Can I still get in shape?

Workouts of 20 to 25 minutes can still yield great benefits. During medical school, I was under pressure and didn’t have a lot of time. I learned that if I just went to the gym for 20 minutes, and got my weights and cardio in, it was totally doable. And it was more useful than a longer workout because I had time to complete it consistently. If the prospect of spending an hour-plus at the gym feels daunting or downright impossible, start small. You’ll be more likely to stick with the routine in the long run. Dr. Douglas Hart is a cardiologist at White Plains Hospital Physician Associates. For an appointment, call 914.849.4800.

White Plains Hospital
41 E Post Rd
White Plains

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