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Ilana Glazer on Claiming Her Voice and Going on Tour

Photo courtesy of Ilana Glazer and Starrpix, Inc.

Broad City actress Ilana Glazer makes a pitstop at Port Chester’s Capitol Theatre on the first leg of her comedy tour.

The 36-year-old comedian, producer, writer, and actress Ilana Glazer is heading to Port Chester’s iconic Capitol Theatre during the first leg of her East Coast stand-up tour. Locals can grab tickets to her show on August 17 and enjoy an evening of dynamic, witty comedy.

Glazer, best known for co-creating and starring as Ilana Wexler on the 2014 sitcom Broad City, is on a journey to claim her voice. Her stand-up tour is just one example of her continued creative growth since the airing of the critically acclaimed series.

“I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had on stage before and it’s such a relief,” reflects Glazer.

Ilana Glazer

Photo courtesy of Ilana Glazer and Starrpix, Inc.

Broad City, the quick-witted sitcom that ran from 2014 to 2019 on Comedy Central, follows Glazer and her partner in crime, Abbi Abrams, played by actress Abbi Jacobson, as they take on life in Manhattan as two routinely broke and habitually high women.

The duo attempts to make it in New York while picking up odd jobs and finding themselves in peculiar situations. The sitcom was an advancement of Jacobson and Glazer’s 2009 to 2011 web series, which showcases their real-life friendship.

“It was an awesome creative partnership, and I think we’re both really digging deep to find our individual voices. We both intensely honor our community to make our art for a living,” notes Glazer.


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Since the conclusion of Broad City, Glazer and Jacobson have embraced the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their bold characters. In 2021, Glazer released her debut stand-up comedy special on Amazon titled, The Planet is Burning; in 2021, she co-wrote and starred in an A24 film, False Positive; she recently appeared in a comedy series on Hulu called The Afterparty; and, in 2016, she co-founded an advocacy platform called Generator Collective, which helps make it as simple as possible for Gen Z and millennials to understand that they have power over this system.

In addition, Glazer became a parent in 2021, has gotten “into the real stuff” in her therapy sessions, and, like many of us, has come out on the other side of COVID with a new perspective on life.

“The therapy I did through that time has really progressed me in my path in claiming my voice,” explains Glazer. She came back stronger, with the announcement of her tour sparking excitement among fans.

This tour brings along no shortage of material as she pulls from everyday life on and off the road. “This hour is so much about my experience of becoming a pregnant person, becoming a parent, and how there’s levels of obscurity to that, just the actual content is so different,” says Glazer of her tour.


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“It’s such a privilege to do this work. The energy is chill, open-hearted, and they [the audience members] just want to have a good f–ing time. I have to say I have really amazing people that come out to every city,” says Glazer.

Although she’s no stranger to the stand-up mic, Glazer admits, “I do get nervous and thrilled every time I perform, but each show is new and fresh.”

Whether you’re a fan of Glazer or simply in need of a good laugh, purchasing a ticket to her show should be on your to-do list. Because in one way or another, we could all take a page from Glazer’s book. Both Glazer and her vibrant fictional character have become pop culture icons.

“My husband and I laugh, because Ilana Wexler is so joyful and so confident and I’m sometimes like ‘Where is that b–ch? I miss that b–ch,’” jokes Glazer.

Grab your tickets to Ilana Glazer’s August 17 show in Port Chester.


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