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5 Places for Poppin’ Popsicles in Westchester County

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Get your chill on with these fresh popsicles served with a twist at shops and eateries around Westchester County.

Everyone knows the perfect cure to a hot summer day is a cold and refreshing ice pop — and we found a bunch with unique flavors that go above your typical pop. Serving up everything from mango with chili to mojito, these five cool Westchester spots are sure to impress and become your new go-to popsicle shop.

BXVL Coffeehouse

2 Station Plz, Bronxville; 914.600.8139

While you might not think of a coffee shop as your typical popsicle spot, BXVL Coffeehouse sells delicious treats in a variety of flavors. BXVL is the brainchild of a former Wall Street executive and finance professor Charu Rana. BXVL opened up in August 2020 and immediately started serving its fresh fruit popsicles. Each flavor has been hand-tested by Rana’s family and friends before being put on the menu. Two of the bestsellers include the red and yellow pop (passion fruit and strawberry) and red and white pop (blood orange and peach). Pro tip: Grab one of these pops after taking the train home from a long day of work.


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La Esquinita NY

164 Union Ave, New Rochelle; 914.278.9055

La Esquinita is a family-owned business in New Rochelle specializing in authentic Mexican treats. On the menu is a long list of unique paleta flavors, including watermelon, pina colada, chocolate milkshake, and guava. Each ice pop is made in-store with fresh ingredients. Make sure to pair your paleta with an agua fresca or a mangonada for the most delicious and refreshing summer snack.


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Paleteria Fernandez

350 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck; 914.315.1598
119 N Main St, Port Chester; 914.939.3694

Paleteria Fernandez has been making fresh paletas in New York since 2008, with its roots going all the way back to Mexico in the 1940s. At the two shops in Westchester, it features many different and unique flavors, appealing to all foodies. The shops have three different types of paletas: milk pops, fruit pops, and specialty pops. Flavors include key lime, mango with chili, Nutella, and even a vanilla esquimal pop topped with a chocolate cover and coconut flakes. Feeling on the healthier side? Try one of the sugar-free paletas in either vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, or pecan.

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Penny Lick Ice Cream Co.

580 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson; 914.525.1580

Penny Lick Ice Cream is the creation of Ellen Sledge and Patrice Baltimore, making Penny Lick a women-owned business. Everything about Penny Lick is pure, including the dairy and extreme commitment to being a no-nut and contamination-free facility. In addition to the many ice cream flavors and cakes are the two fudgesicle options. Penny Lick has both a white chocolate and dark chocolate fudgesicle, which are then topped with classic sprinkles.

The Blue Pig

121 Maple St, Croton-on-Hudson; 914.271.3850

At The Blue Pig, fresh ingredients are always a must. The shop works directly with local farms and also has a garden that produces ingredients that go right into the ice creams. Each summer, the Croton hotspot brings back a mojito ice pop that features mint from the farm in Vermont and fresh-squeezed lime juice and zest. The storefront also often has a lemon pop with a fresh berry swirl.


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